7 Effective Tips To Increase Engagement On Instagram

By Matthew Pittman , January 11th 2024
5 minutes read

Instagram is a dynamic world where success is tied to engagement—an often underestimated metric. Engagement forms the bedrock of any digital presence on the app. It can propel your content into the spotlight while fostering a vibrant community and elevating your visibility. Engagement is literally any action people take with your post. This would mean liking it, sharing it, commenting on it, favoriting or bookmarking it, clicking on it (or through it) to get to your website, and reposting it all count as engagement. Typically, though, people usually mean likes and comments when they talk about engagement, since those are the metrics most visitable to users who see your post in their feeds.

Wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram? Discover how to transform your social media presence, build your audience, and turn casual followers into enthusiastic participants in your brand. 

Calculating Your Engagement Rate on Instagram

Before diving into engagement strategies, it’s important to get an idea of where you stand. Calculating your engagement rate can help you gauge the effectiveness of your content, giving you a measure of how well your audience interacts with your posts. 

To calculate your engagement rate as a percentage, use the following formula: 

Engagement Rate = [(Likes + Comments) / Followers] x 100

For example, a post with 1k likes and 10 comments for an account with 100k followers shows a 1.01% engagement rate. 

What Is Considered a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

With Instagram’s 500 million active users, anything between a 2–3% engagement rate is considered successful. A higher engagement rate indicates a more responsive audience, while a lower rate may signal a need to fine-tune your content strategy. As your number of followers grows, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain this engagement rate. Say you start at 3%—if you have 100 followers, its easy to get 3 people to like your post, but if you have 3 Million followers, it’s tougher to get 30,000 people to like that same post.

7 Content Strategies to Increase Engagement on Instagram

In a place where every scroll competes for user attention, the content you share—and how you share it—shapes your engagement. Here’s how to increase Instagram engagement with key strategies aimed at elevating your presence on the platform.

1. Approach Content Holistically

Social media success hinges on a well-rounded approach to content. This means keeping an eye on both the what and the why behind each post. Here’s how to lay the groundwork. 

Quality Over Quantity 

Instead of flooding your feed, focus on delivering content that holds genuine value for your audience. Prioritize substance to create a lasting impact, whether with insightful tips, entertaining stories, or beautiful images. This seems obvious, but still needs to be said, especially on a platform like Instagram where there is a high production value on most content.

Visual Creativity (at first, then maintain consistent branding)

Instagram is, at its core, a visual platform. Compelling images and videos can be your most powerful tools. Take the time to create creative and visually appealing content that stops the scroll and leaves a lasting impression. Of course, early on, you will want to test out different color schemes, composition styles, and types of content to see what best resonates with your audience. This may be your actual or ideal audience, that is, who currently follows you or who you WANT to follow you. Some of the brands best known for a strong visual identity took a while to find their “groove.”

Engaging Captions 

Pose questions, share anecdotes, or create calls to action that invite followers to participate. By creating captions that go beyond descriptions and serve as conversation starters, you add depth and encourage meaningful interactions at the same time. 

Creating engaging captions for Instagram can be a fun and rewarding way to connect with your audience. Here are 9 quick tips (complete with examples) to help you craft captions that grab attention and encourage interaction:

1. Start with a Hook:

Begin your caption with something intriguing or unexpected to catch your followers' attention.

• Example: Guess what happened to me today? šŸ¤”šŸŽ‰

2. Tell a Story:

People love stories. Share a short, relatable anecdote to draw your audience in.

• Example: Today, I found a little note tucked inside my old book. It reminded me of my first trip to Sydney... šŸ“–āœˆļø

3. Ask a Question:

Encourage engagement by asking your followers a question.

• Example: What's your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday? I'm all about cozy blankets and good books! šŸ›ŒšŸ“š

4. Use Emojis for Emphasis:

Emojis can add personality and emotion to your captions.

• Example: Just finished a 10k run and I feel unstoppable! šŸƒ‍ā™€ļøšŸ’Ø Who else loves that post-workout glow?

5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA):

Prompt your followers to take action, like commenting, sharing, or visiting a link.

• Example: Swipe left to see the before and after! Don't forget to tag a friend who needs some organizing inspiration šŸ āœØ

6. Be Authentic:

Share genuine thoughts or feelings. Authenticity resonates with people.

• Example: Some days are tougher than others. Today, I'm taking it slow and focusing on self-care. How do you recharge? šŸ’†‍ā™€ļøšŸŒæ

7. Use Hashtags Wisely:

Include relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your post.

• Example: Exploring the hidden gems of the city. Every corner tells a story. #UrbanExplorer #CityLife

8. Keep it Short and Sweet:

Sometimes, a concise caption is the most impactful.

• Example: Sunsets and palm trees.

9. Incorporate Humor:

 A funny caption can make your post more memorable.

• Example: Tried to bake cookies. Ended up with a new recipe called 'charcoal bites' šŸŖšŸ”„

2. Time Your Posts

Great timing can help ensure the right users see your content at the right moment. Here are some tips to help you find the right balance of knowing when to post, but also being spontaneous and creative enough to stay engaging:

1. Understand Your Audience's Schedule:

Think about when your followers are most likely to be online. Are they night-time scrollers or early birds?

• Example: If your audience is mostly college students, consider posting in the afternoon when they're likely taking a break from classes.

2. Play with Posting Times:

Mix up your posting times and see how your audience responds. It's like a game of detective, but with likes and comments!

• Example: Try posting at 8 AM one day and 8 PM another, and see which gets more engagement.

3. Peek at Instagram Insights:

If you have a business account, use Instagram Insights to find out when your followers are most active. This is super helpful.

• Example: Insights might show that your followers are most active at 5 PM on Wednesdays. That's your cue to post!

4. Time Zone Trivia:

Got a global audience? Consider their time zones. It's like hosting a world party and you want everyone to join in!

• Example: If you have followers in New York and London, find a time that works for both, like midday in New York and early evening in London.

5. Weekday Wisdom:

Notice if your audience prefers weekday or weekend content. It's like choosing the right outfit for the right occasion.

• Example: Professional posts might perform better on weekdays, while fun, casual content could be a hit on weekends. 

6. Event Timing Excellence:

Posting during big events or holidays? Make sure your content is relevant to get maximum engagement.

• Example: Share a heartfelt post on Valentine's Day morning to catch the love buzz early…OR if it fits your brand better, post something about how Valentine’s Day is a scam and not necessary, and all you need is YOU ļŠ

7. Late-Night Limit:

Unless you're targeting night owls, posting very late might not be the best move. It's like making an announcement while everyone's asleep!

8. Consistency is Key:

Try to post at consistent times. It helps your audience know when to expect your awesome content.

• Example: Posting a motivational quote every Monday at 9 AM? Your followers will start looking forward to it, even if it’s unconscious.

9. Stay in the Know:

Keep up with Instagram trends and algorithm changes. It's like staying ahead in a fast-paced game!

• Example: If new updates affect visibility, adjust your timing strategy to stay on top of the game. Experimentation is key.

Remember, finding the best time to post on Instagram is a blend of understanding your audience, experimenting, and adapting to changes. 

3. Utilize Stories and Reels

Instagram Stories and Reels can diversify your content, offering new avenues for audience engagement and growth. Here’s how to get more engagement on Instagram with each.

Use Stories for Real-Time Engagement

With their 24-hour lifespan, Instagram Stories offer real-time connection with your audience through features like polls, questions, and quizzes. This feature is perfect for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes moments, or peeks into your day-to-day life; it allows users to actively interact with your brand with a single click. A lot of the recent growth behind Instagram usage overall is primarily being driven by stories.

Use Reels for Virality

These short, captivating videos are a gateway to going viral. Posting Instagram Reels helps leverage trends, explore creative transitions, and infuse more of your brand into your feed. A well-crafted Reel with a lot of views can reach a wider audience—and potentially land your content on the coveted Explore page. Here are some tips for using Reels in an engaging way:

1. Tell a Mini-Story:

Unleash your inner Spielberg and craft a short, captivating story. It's like creating a mini-movie starring...you (or your team).

• Example: Create a 'Day in My Life' reel, complete with dramatic morning coffee making. These almost always do well.

2. Use Eye-Catching Visuals:

Bright colors, cool effects, and snazzy transitions make your Reels pop. It's like painting a masterpiece, but with videos! See our earlier tips on finding your visual brand.

• Example: Experiment with filters to turn your backyard into an enchanted garden.

3. Lip-Sync Like a Star:

Mimic your favorite lines from movies, songs, or speeches. It's your chance to be a lip-sync legend….

• Example: Lip-sync to a famous movie quote with exaggerated expressions for maximum effect. Pick a movie that your audience is likely to have seen and love.

4. How-To in a Flash:

Share quick tips or tutorials. Teach something cool or weird or unique in a fun way.

• Example: Show how to make the world's quickest sandwich in a comedic, speedy reel.

5. Jump on Trending Challenges:

Participate in the latest challenges or start your own.

• Example: Do that trending yoga challenge, but maybe with a funny twist like wearing a superhero costume? Or only your company swag?

6. Engage with Texts and Captions:

Use on-screen texts and captions to make your Reels more engaging. This is pretty standard nowadays, and it helps with accessibility issues.

• Example: Add humorous captions or voiceovers to your pet's antics, giving them a 'voice.'

7. End with a Bang:

Leave your viewers with something memorable, like a surprise twist or a big laugh. 

• Example: End your gardening reel by revealing a tiny, fake UFO hovering over your plants. 

4. Interact with Followers

Genuine interaction with your followers is the cornerstone of building a thriving community. Keep these tips in mind to foster connection and increase your engagement on Instagram: 

5. Find Partnerships and Collaborations

Influencer partnerships and collaborations are powerful ways to expand your reach and foster authentic connections with like-minded users. Here’s how to find the right match: 

These approaches simultaneously strengthen your brand image and theirs, creating a win-win situation for both parties. 

6. Use Hashtags and Geo-Tagging

Nobody likes to see an over-tagged post, but do you know how to boost engagement on Instagram using hashtags and geo-tagging without overdoing it? Make these features work for you, not against you, with these guidelines. 


Effective hashtags lead users to your content and capitalize on trends. For optimal engagement on Instagram, strategically use hashtags by mixing popular and niche-specific ones to reach a broader yet targeted audience. Aim for a balance, utilizing around 5 to 10 relevant hashtags per post to avoid looking spammy. Remember, using hashtags that align closely with your content and audience interests is key to drawing the right viewers to your posts. Create better hashtags by:

For example, one idea is to do the 3-2-1 approach. Three hashtags that describe your video subject (#howtochangeoil #carmaintenance #autotips), two hashtags that describe your audience (#gearheads #carlovers), and one random hashtag that is adjacent to your audience (#formulaone)


Geo-tagging creates opportunities for localized engagement. Leverage a local touch by: 

7. Analyze and Adjust Your Strategy

Instagram is constantly evolving. Analyzing and adapting your strategies is vital for sustained success on the platform. Here’s how to learn from your successes to master the art of Instagram and give your content a leg up. 

Use Analytics and Insights

Instagram provides several in-app analytical tools to decode your performance and engagement. Leverage these tools to: 

Commit to Continuous Learning and Improvement

Instagram is a dynamic platform, and your strategies need to evolve accordingly. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning by: 

Keep in mind that brand continuity is just as important as adaptability. If a new approach would negatively compromise your brand, think twice before trying it. 

Copy Your Top-Performing Posts

Instagram is proof that lightning can strike twice. Encourage elevated performance by: 

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