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Since 2012, Superviral has been a trusted source for high-quality Instagram followers, helping people enhance their visibility, especially on the Explore feed.

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  • Instant Delivery for Instant Impact

    One of Superviral’s standout features is our instant delivery of Instagram followers. You don’t have to endure frustrating waits or delays. When you choose your package and complete the transaction, the followers start rolling in, immediately boosting your profile.

  • Real, High-Quality Followers for Authentic Engagement

    Quality is key when growing your Instagram profile—Superviral understands this well. We deliver authentic, active followers in the United States, offering enhanced engagement and broader reach for your profile.

  • 24/7 Customer Care for Continuous Support

    Our 24/7 customer service team is always available to assist with any queries or issues when buying Instagram followers, ensuring a smooth journey to Instagram success. With Superviral, you're not just purchasing followers, but gaining a partner for instant, high-quality growth and dedicated support.

How to Buy Instagram Followers

Discover how you can increase your Instagram followers with our tips and guidance! Learn how to buy Instagram followers effectively, enhance your profile's visibility, and engage with a broader audience.

How can I purchase followers securely and easily?


Buying Instagram followers with Superviral is simple, secure, and fast. We accept all major credit cards, including ApplePay, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Your security is our top priority, so all transactions are processed with bank-grade encryption, ensuring your payment details remain confidential.

Our system has been audited by top cybersecurity firms to ensure maximum protection against any potential threats.

Just pick your follower package, enter your public Instagram username, and complete the payment. You’ll see your follower count increase quickly, boosting your profile's visibility and credibility on Instagram.

Our secure, fast, and reliable service has helped over one million clients since 2012, including top influencers and businesses, enhance their Instagram presence.

How long do followers stay on my account?


Superviral prides itself on delivering high-quality followers that remain active on your account. We understand the importance of stable growth, which is why we offer a 30-day refill guarantee. If any followers drop off within this period, we will automatically replace them at no extra cost to you.

Our followers are of high quality, ensuring your account remains secure. With over a million successful deliveries and endorsements from industry experts, Superviral ensures your followers stick around, enhancing your social proof and long-term engagement on Instagram.

In the US, is it against the law to purchase followers?


Absolutely not! Purchasing Instagram followers is completely legal in the US. At Superviral, we provide 100% legal followers, helping many influencers, celebrities, and businesses in the US grow their following and enhance their brand every day.

With over one million completed orders, Superviral is a trusted provider for safe and legal Instagram growth.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to supporting your long-term success on the platform while complying with all laws. Our commitment to ethical practices and legal compliance sets us apart in the industry.

What happens if my purchased Instagram followers disappear?


If your followers drop off, we’ve got you covered with our 30-day refill guarantee. We’ll monitor your account and refill any lost followers at no extra cost. Our followers are 100% real and high-quality, so your account looks legit and gains credibility.

Our team actively monitors your account ensuring your follower count stays stable, helping you grow your Instagram presence effectively.

Will purchasing Instagram followers actually help boost my profile?


Yes, buying Instagram followers can significantly boost your profile’s visibility and credibility. However, it’s crucial to choose a reliable provider like Superviral. We handpick real, active followers who are genuinely interested in your content.

This boosts your profile's performance, increases your chances of appearing in the Explore feed, and attracts more organic followers. With Superviral, you’re set for positive growth on Instagram.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. We'll provide a refund within the same working day, no questions asked. Customer satisfaction is our priority. At Superviral, the customer always comes first.

Do you need my Instagram password to deliver followers?


Absolutely not! We only need your public Instagram username to deliver followers. Your account security is crucial to us, and we’ll never ask for your password. Always use reputable services like Superviral to keep your account safe.

With over 10 years of experience and compliance with Instagram's best practices, we ensure your account remains secure.

Our commitment to security has been validated by numerous cybersecurity audits. Unlike less reputable services that may ask for your password and compromise your account, Superviral guarantees that we will never request your password. Protecting your account integrity is our utmost priority while helping you grow your Instagram presence. Trusted by thousands of influencers and businesses in the United States, we prioritize your safety and success.

How can I increase my Instagram followers effectively?


Growing your followers manually can be time-consuming. Superviral provides a better way by offering real users who are genuinely interested in your content.

This saves you time and helps your profile grow organically. Focus on creating awesome content while we handle the follower count. With Superviral, you get high-quality followers, increasing your visibility and engagement on Instagram.

What is the quality of the Instagram followers I will receive?


At Superviral, we ensure you get only the best followers. Our team checks each follower using advanced analytics to ensure they’re real and active. These key metrics include:

  • user's follower count
  • number of likes
  • number of views
  • account age
  • engagement

These high-quality followers will engage with your content, making your profile look authentic and credible. Trust Superviral to boost your social proof with premium followers, enhancing your Instagram presence.

Will buying Instagram followers boost my profile's visibility and engagement?


Definitely! Buying Instagram followers can give your profile a major visibility and engagement boost. To maximize exposure, combine this with other strategies like engaging with followers, using Instagram Stories and Reels, and posting high-quality content. Be active in the Instagram community and create authentic posts.

High-quality followers from Superviral, along with these tactics, will enhance your Instagram presence, increasing your chances of hitting the Explore feed for even more growth.

Do the followers come naturally?


Absolutely. When you purchase followers through Superviral, we deliver them naturally—never all at once— so that your account appears to be growing organically with more followers.

This not only makes your existing followers think you are growing naturally, but Instagram's algorithm will also see this as organic growth, increasing your chances of rocketing to the top of the Explore feed.

How quickly will my order be processed and delivered?


As soon as you place an order with Superviral, we begin processing it right away. To adhere to Instagram's guidelines and avoid triggering anti-spam measures, we use a sophisticated system that includes over 350 unique algorithms developed since 2012. Each algorithm is tailored to specific account types and behaviors, ensuring a safe and seamless experience.

Typically, most orders are fulfilled within 36 hours, making us the fastest provider in the United States. Our advanced delivery system allows us to accelerate the process for smaller and larger orders while maintaining the security and integrity of your account.

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Paid $2 for 100 followers to try these guys out. Very pleased with the high quality followers and now I'm looking to purchase a larger package to increase the speed of my growth.

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Very satisfied with the 1K IG followers especially with Superviral's discounted packages. At this price can even try them out hasslefree.

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Will continue to work with Superviral. Their service and customer rep are extremely professional and deliver real results when needed.

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We help promote several different brands on Instagram. Superviral has helped us acheive this with actual users in the USA.

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This is perfect for marketing agency owners like myself. Their customer reps are very responsive. Once you've ordered you can see that the followers are all genuine and engage.


Delivered immediately

Superviral sent us genuine followers for our Instagram business account

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Awesome customer service! First order went through fast and was delivered promptly

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This company deserves 5-stars, they resolved my issue with my order. Resolved quickly.


Delivered real followers!

One of the very few IG services that can deliver real followers - very happy!

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Non-drop followers are amazing

The non-drop followers are amazing - making a payment was quite confusing but managed to get there in the end.

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Why you should Buy Instagram Followers

If you're serious about boosting sales and organic views, then gaining Instagram followers is a crucial aspect of your Insta-brand.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

In 2022, Instagram had a whopping 1.3 million active users every day, and over 3.8 billion downloads in total. That's why so many small businesses have turned to social media as a marketing strategy. Just think about how many people you can reach with a single post; the possibilities are endless.

While social media marketing is effective, it can be tough to get started. That's where Superviral comes in. You can buy followers on Instagram through our website, giving you a head start.

When you have a higher following, potential customers are more likely to trust your brand and purchase your products or services. It also creates a better impression for potential influencers and business partners who may want to work with you.

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers in the US?

If you're a small business owner looking to grow your Instagram following, you've probably encountered a common problem. You might have come across an incredible deal offering 1,000 followers for as low as $1, which seems like a steal compared to the market rate of $30 per 1,000 followers.

However, the truth is that these websites are usually scammers who offer fake, automated bots that won't interact with your page. That's why at Superviral, we've been providing customers with legitimate followers since 2012, starting at just $2 per 100 followers. We believe that buying Instagram followers who engage with your page will increase your revenue and social media influence.

Choose Superviral to purchase followers and witness your Instagram page grow exponentially!

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brands choose Superviral?

While scrolling Instagram, you may notice that popular brands receive a lot of attention. In fact, half of all users discover new brands on Instagram and 44% of people who use the app shop on it every week.

American brands like Nike and McDonald's often use Instagram stories and reels to connect with interested users and expand their customer base. But before you invest in these marketing tactics, you need to build up your own Instagram following so people know you're an influencer. This is important because 87% of users say they're influenced by influencers.

We guide users on how to buy Instagram followers effectively, ensuring a significant boost in online presence. Our social media marketing services, which include buying Instagram followers, buying Instagram Likes, and buying Instagram views, equip customers with effective strategies for Instagram domination, enhancing follower engagement and profile optimization. With Superviral, clients learn the best practices for sustainable and impactful Instagram growth.

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram Followers through Superviral

At Superviral, we're committed to delivering the best followers to our customers. Our New York team carefully monitors and approves every follower we provide, ensuring that you get high-quality Instagram accounts with the most authority. To achieve this, we use customized software that tracks the following analytics:

  • Followers
  • Video views
  • Average engagement
  • Likes
  • Age of follower's accounts
  • Type of posts
  • Most popular day of the week

You can trust us to provide engaging, real, and active followers that will help you achieve long-term growth on Instagram. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of your social media needs.

Buying Instagram Followers

What are the benefits of purchasing Instagram Followers?

Influential figures like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner know the value of having a strong social media presence to build their reputation. By buying Instagram followers through Superviral, your page can become more attractive to potential customers, clients, and partners, as it will appear that you have a popular Instagram page.

In addition to gaining more followers quickly, you will also enjoy several other benefits:

  • You'll have an easier time securing endorsement deals.
  • You'll establish yourself as a reliable Instagram brand.
  • People tend to be more drawn to accounts with a larger following.
  • Instagram algorithms will promote your brand to a wider audience on the Explore feed.

It's clear that investing in your Instagram following comes with both short- and long-term advantages, and the initial fee is relatively small. Plus, the process is straightforward, so don't hesitate to invest in Instagram followers today!

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

A lot of businesses are buying Instagram followers to boost their social media presence. But is it worth jumping on the bandwagon? And more importantly, is it safe?

It’s safe to buy Instagram followers so long as you use a reliable company to do so. Before you purchase likes or followers, do some research. Read reviews of Instagram service providers and look into the company’s history. Are they a fly-by-night operation? Or have they been in business for years and can demonstrate a history of successful and satisfied clients?

At Superviral, we spare no effort to ensure that our customers receive:

  • The safest service possible
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service (we reply within 2-3 hours)
  • Bank-grade security for secure payments.
Safe to buy followers

Will it affect my Instagram account?

Ever since Instagram was launched, buying Instagram followers has been a safe and common practice, especially if you're purchasing from a trustworthy service provider. With Superviral followers, you don't have to worry about any negative impact on your account, as we have strict standards that our followers must meet.

Instagram has implemented a restriction called 'shadowban', which limits your content's reach and visibility. However, you don't have to be concerned about this issue if you use our service. Shadowbans usually occur when you copy another user's caption word for word or duplicate a competitor's post without credit/tagging.

We assure you that all of our followers comply with Instagram's terms and conditions, which is why we have been providing our services for over a decade. You can rest easy knowing that your account will not be affected and that you're in good hands with us.

affect Instagram account

Boost Your Instagram Followers Now!

Boost your Instagram presence now with our affordable and top-notch follower service! Enhance your profile's visibility and credibility when you buy Instagram followers from us. Superviral gives you a quick, effective solution for Instagram growth, helping you reach a wider audience and increase engagement.

With our customized solutions, you can strategically grow your follower count, likes, and views, making your Instagram account more attractive and influential.

Join countless satisfied customers and see the difference for yourself!

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