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How to Easily Buy Instagram Followers

Learn how to get followers on Instagram following through our advice and tips!

How do I buy my followers and likes?


We accept all major card payments. Any order made through Superviral is processed through bank-grade encryption to ensure your data is kept safe and sound! All payment details are instant and are not stored.

How long do the followers stay on my account?


All orders made through Superviral are closely monitored through our Superviral Refill system. If you lose any followers, Superviral Refill will automatically restore your account with whatever was lost.

All followers provided by Superviral are in line with Instagram's community guidelines, so you will always have access as long as you keep your Instagram account set activated.

Is it illegal to buy followers on Instagram?


Every single follower provided by Superviral is 100% legal! Your favourite influencers, celebrities, and more, use Instagram follower delivery services like Superviral to get more followers on Instagram for their brand all the time.

All unnecessary headaches can be avoided by merely choosing Superviral, which strictly delivers 100% real Instagram followers. With over 70,000 completed orders, you need not worry!

What happens if my followers disappear?


Superviral provides all customers with high-quality IG followers. However, there are times at which Instagram remove followers from account if their followers count increases a lot.

To tackle this, we offer our customers the Superviral auto-refill service. We monitor your IG account for 30-days after you purchase any of our IG followers packages. If you lose any followers, we will refill them for you, completely free of charge. We want to ensure that our customers do not lose any followers and keep their followers count.

Does buying Instagram followers work?


Here at Superviral, all of our followers have been trial and tested to ensure that they’re of the highest quality. Despite all the doubt and confusion behind buying IG followers, we can assure you that Superviral followers are completely safe, and they won’t cause any harm to your account.

We use our own dedicated system to manually handpick the best IG followers for your account. All followers are completely legit and are actively using the Instagramapp. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of landing on the explore page and finding Instagram success!

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Absolutely not! We at Superviral will never ask for irrelevant information such as your password. All we require is the username to a public account to deliver your account! Our followers will click " follow" to follow and β€œheart” for likes and that's it!

To avoid placing your account at risk for suspension or maybe a ban, we strongly advise you to seek services within reputable companies to buy Instagram services that have been established for as long as us. Only through the years of experience can we provide you the highest quality of followers while also weeding out the bad ones!

Always keep wary of suspicious websites that claim to require your password in order to a fulfill an order. There is a strong possibility that they may have ulterior motives, such as malicious damage or hacking of your account. We will NEVER ask for your password! Or any other personal information. We care about our customers and want to keep you as safe as possible while helping you gain more followers to grow your brand and power your growth in marketing.

How to gain more followers?


One could use various methods to boost their Instagram account manually if they want to: You could always attain followers by direct messaging people asking for a follow and/or likes back.

Or you could run competitions on your account asking for followers with a prize in return to a random pick.

These manual methods, while they may work, prove to be incredibly inefficient and time-consuming. This is where Superviral comes in to skip over that monotonous step and provide you with an instant following interest in your account! This will also pave the way for organic follower growth; would you rather follow a page with 50 followers or 1000 followers?

What's the quality of the followers?


At Superviral, we provide all our customers with the highest quality followers approved by ourselves. With our specially handcrafted team that utilizes advanced Instagram analytics, our systems can pick out the most authority and quality accounts that are suited to your Instagram page!

These analytics include a user's follower count, amount of likes, age of the account, and engagement! You can rest easy knowing your account will receive only the most premium kind of followers!

Can I increase my presence just by purchasing followers?


Most IG users believe that purchasing Instagram followers is the only way to boost your presence. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s NOT, and here are a few organic methods you can use to boost your following:

  • Interact with your followers
  • Plan your content
  • Be active within the Instagram community
  • Make use of Instagram stories, reels, boomerangs and videos
  • Create unique content that evokes different emotion

With the use of these methods, you will be able to reach out to much more accounts and gain maximum exposure. However, boosting the number of followers you have is the quickest way to grow your IG page, and create that snowball effect of increasing followers. A page with more followers always seems more credible than a page with less followers.

Do the followers come in naturally?


Yes, we provide a natural delivery by default. When purchasing followers from Superviral, we ensure to issue them naturally. So any followers you receive will be received naturally, rather than in one bulk, providing you with natural delivery.

From our experience, this will give your followers the impression that you are growing organically, but Instagram’s algorithm will also see this as natural growth. Boosting your chances of appearing on the explore feed and sky rocket to Insta-fame!

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Easy to use app

Genuine followers that were targeted according to my audience and data. There's no other service like this easy to use app.

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James has been a big help in growing my partner's followers. I'm going to now grow my own account with Superviral.

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Very high quality followers for a cheap price. I didn't know how to grow my followers, but then I tried this service and I'm now at 16,000 followers.

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I wanted to get as popular as those influencers and Superviral really helped me get there. The followers are interactive and help.

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This site's cool. I like how easy you get more followers. It really helped me on the explore feed.

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Customer service responsive

Fast and excepitional quality. The customer service are responsive as well. I recommend this to every Instagram user to get ahead!

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5th order

I was abit skeptical at first, but then I tested the service with the 100 followers. I was amazed at the quality of followers, and here I am at my 5th order.

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100% recommended

From my Instagram analytics, I can see that the followers are engaging with my content. 100% recommended.

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Increased natural engagement

Superviral has helped me increase my page's following with their 500 follower package. It's a real booster that has increased my natural engagement.

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Delivery was instant

Wasn't sure if the follower came instantly or gradually, but this was later clarified at checkout. Delivery was instant, thank you!

Tom Grant
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Why you should Buy Instagram Followers

If you're committed to boosting your profile to new heights, acquiring new followers is crucial.

Why should you buy Instagram followers?

Instagram is the new big thing! Boasting a total of 1 billion monthly active users as of 2019, with 50% of those are scrolling through their feed each day! Just think of the progression you could make on your business or profile if you took even a small percentage of that market!

As you may have already experienced, using Instagram to find more customers and users is difficult when you don't have the right amount of followers to get you going. That's where purchasing Instagram followers give you a head start.

Don't just think about your followers, but also think: what would your target audience, influencers with similar content or potential business partners think of you? With a higher count of Instagram followers, you'll attract any user who is interested in your page, perceiving your page as socially influential, dependable and trustable.

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

Before you came on Superviral, chances are you've seen other websites provide you with great promises and high-quality followers! Which is just nonsense! At the current market rate, you can get 1 dollar per 1,000 followers, but what do you get?

The truth of the matter is you'll fake, useless bots on your account, which can lead to a suspension, or even worse, a shadow ban from Instagram.

Since 2012, Superviral has offered followers to a worldwide audience for as low as $1.00! Get real followers that your Instagram page truly deserves. Getting authentic Instagram followers that actively engage with your posts results in increased revenue, social proof and brand sponsorships that many of the influencers have.

Don't miss out on our huge growth, and purchase Instagram followers with Superviral!

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brand owners choose Superviral?

On the explore page you can quickly see major influencers who represent brands getting tonnes of views. Brands understand that the average user spends 53 minutes a day on Instagram.

Worldwide giants like Microsoft, Huawei, Mcdonalds all utilise their massive social influence to target the 71% of Instagram users around the globe are under the age of 35. Achieving this social influence is a difficult feat with no help, which is why we are here to make this an easy and simple process.

Superviral offers your brand the social media gains it requires as we're one of the longest-serving Instagram services on the internet. Since 2012, we've been involved in the social media space from the days of early days of Zuckerberg's Facebook.

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram Followers at Superviral

At Superviral, every follower provided is authentic and high-quality, hand approved by our team personally. Thanks to the work from our passionate team, we have devised various computational methods to provide the best match of followers to an account based on its analytics. These analytics include an account's:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Video views
  • The average engagement
  • Age of the follower's account
  • The types of different posts your page has
  • Most popular day engagement of the week

So, you can be assured knowing that we do not offer useless, unengaged bots. We offer only legitimate, active, engaged Instagram followers to compliment your brand's page. High-quality followers avoid short term gains and provide you with long term benefits that you truly want.

Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits to purchasing Instagram Followers cheap?

By getting Instagram followers for a cheaper price, you immediately give your profile that ability to get on the explore feed without having to worry about marketing. You can start focusing on your Instagram page's branding, content, and quality of posts. Being smart with both your money and your time is the key to a successful page.

But be wary when you buy cheap Instagram followers from other non-reputable companies. Ensure that when you are buying economical followers, that the social media marketing agency provides you with:

  • Active and legitimate followers that engage with your post
  • Fast delivery to your Instagram account
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Superb customer service (replies within 2-3 hours)
  • Bank grade security for secure payments

This gives you the best security and assurance.

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

So now you're ready to promote your business and brand on Instagram but you're worried if it's risky or if it is safe? Well as Warren Buffett said:

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."

If you're purchasing Instagram Followers from a reputable company then what's there to be concerned about? Eliminate the risk of losing your money and affecting your account, by researching the Instagram service provider's history, how much orders they've fulfilled, and the reviews displayed on their website.

In some cases, these agencies are not even legally registered. With Superviral we're 100% compliant and a registered company.

Safe to buy followers

How long does it take to deliver?

3 steps are all that it takes to kick your order into motion! Simply enter your details, complete your payment, and that is it! Your order will start approximately 2 minutes after payment has completed with ease.

From over 13-years of experience in the social media industry, we've tailored our service to meet our user's needs. Ensuring that you receive your followers as quick as possible. From 1000s of client feedback, it has always been our pleasure to provide the fastest and most reputable followers in the market!

Instagram Followers delivery time

Will it affect my Instagram account?

Buying followers has been safe for the last 8-years, from the birth of Instagram's social media platform. Your Superviral followers will never affect your account neither will it lead to a shadowban as all of our followers have to meet certain criteria as mentioned above. After all, we're in it for the long run just as much as you are.

The only time you can get shadow bans from Instagram is not from your followers, but from copying word for word captions and also duplicating your competitor's posts, and publishing it on to your page without their consent.

All of our followers are compliant with Instagram's Terms and Conditions which has allowed us to provide our service for years and continue making customers happy! For this reason, you can grow your account with pure comfort knowing your Instagram account is 100% safe!

affect Instagram account

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