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How It's Easy to Buy Instagram Views

1000's of customers have bought views from Superviral and upgraded their IG video's engagement.

How do I pay for my views to increase engagement?


At Superviral, we accept all major types of card payment. Every payment is made instantly through bank-grade encryption to ensure your payments are made safely!

We do not store any card details, just a simple payment, and you're on your way to success!

How long do the views stay on my video post?


Buying IG views with Superviral are designed to stick! If your views drop, you don't have to worry as Superviral refill with instant instagram views!

All IG views provided by Superviral are compliant with the Instagram community guidelines, so you can keep them for as long as you keep your post!

Is it illegal to buy real views on Instagram?


Every single view provided by Superviral is 100% legal! The misconception that buying views is illegal is false!

All unnecessary headaches can be avoided by merely choosing Superviral, which provides 100% real Instagram followers, offered by default. With over 70,000 completed orders, you need not worry!

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Absolutely not! We at Superviral will never ask for irrelevant information such as your password. All we require is the username to a public account to deliver your Instagram views! Our followers will click the post you’ve provided us with and that's it!

To avoid placing your profile at risk for suspension or maybe a ban, we strongly advise you to seek services within reputable companies to buy Instagram services that have been established for as long as us. Only through experience can we provide you the high quality of followers your account deserves while also weeding out the bad ones!

Always keep wary of sketchy websites that claim to require your password. There is a strong possibility that they may have ulterior motives, such as malicious damage or hacking of your account! We will NEVER ask for your password! or any other personal information! We care about our customers and want to keep you as safe as possible!

How to get more video views for free?


There are a multitude of different ways one can increase their Instagram video views organically. Arguably the essential idea is providing content similar to your competitors, analyzing what is working for them. Search the same hashtags to locate your competitors, which will give insight into their desired audience and how their content is structured.

What truly gains a person follower is the ability to envoke emotion using their content; Whether it be laughter, entertaining, or heart-wrenching. Always experiment with different types of video posts to see what works for you and your page. When you have a new post, factors such as shares through direct messages, tagged people, and comments will push your post onto the explore feed, which is the desired goal!

Before any of this, that push from Superviral will get you much further than doing it on your own!

What's the quality of the video views?


At Superviral, we deliver all our customers with the highest quality views approved by ourselves. With our specially handcrafted team that utilizes advanced Instagram analytics, our systems can pick out the most authority and quality profiles!

These analytics include a user's follower count, amount of likes and comments, age of the account, and engagement! You can rest easy knowing your profile will receive only the most premium kind of viewers!

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As trusted leaders of providing Instagram video views, we’ve been able to serve over 75,000+ customers. Check out what customers are saying about us:


Quality of views are genuine

I ordered 2500 views, they were delivered within a few hours. The quality of the views are amazing all from genuine accounts.

Sireno Canzano

Natural engagement

Getting IG views is really important when trying give your post a "viral feel" to it. This has helped me get a lot more natural engagement.

Sean Perrin

Nate was very professional

Nate answered my questions very quickly through call and even gave me additional views. Very friendly and professional.

Ulrich Vonnegut

Best platform I've used

If you're looking for Instagram growth, then this is by far the best platform I've used. The views work rapidly, which pushes many of my posts to the explore feed.

Theo Schmidt

Views delivered super quick

Views were delivered super quick. I know use this for all of my video posts.

Rahul Raj

5000+ views

I've always worked on my Youtube Channel but didn't have time for IG growth. Superviral has taken out that headache, and now my posts have over 5,000+ views.

Aaron Ward
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Why you should Buy Instagram Views

If you're serious about increasing sales, increasing organic views - then getting Instagram followers is a huge part of your Insta-brand.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Views?

Buying Instagram views is an excellent way to increase engagement on your IG post!

You must be wondering, what are the benefits of buying Instagram views?

Well with viewers, your account stands above the rest; other than an account localised in a particular country, your account metrics show you are an account suitable for everyone, and so more people from across the globe will see your work allowing you to go viral!

Why waste your time going through the natural route of getting views when you can get more views and go viral with our manually approved accounts?

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram views?

Currently, in the market, you can get 500 views for around $2 from other websites. But what matters is that you get the highest quality views from genuine Instagram service providers.

The easiest way to differentiate the service providers is to do some background research:

  • How many authentic reviews have they got?
  • How many orders have they fulfilled and lastly
  • How long have they been established?

    These 3 questions matter as you want to be able to pay companies that are trustworthy, deliver on their promise and don't put your account at risk.

    At Superviral, we've fulfilled over 75,000 orders and have been around since 2012. With all of our packages, we provide real views and instant delivery, starting from only $1.29.

    Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brand owners choose Superviral?

Superviral has proven to be the only Instagram service provider to deliver on results again and again. At Superviral, you get video views from accounts handpicked and approved by us this is why brand owners choose us!

Before an account is sent to your profile to view your video post, it must meet our high standards depending on its metrics and theme.

This is why we're known as one of the very few reputable IG video view's provider. We know that the only way you will get repeat customers is if they're happy with your services!

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram Views at Superviral

So why choose Superviral? Well, we choose hand-selected accounts that have the greatest quality to view your videos.

With over 75,000+ customer, Superviral has been able to tailor its service through trial and error. We ensure that all of our views come from reputable gold-standard accounts based on its age.

This is why there are only a handful of services along with Superviral that care about what the customer wants. If we keep you happy, you'll keep returning to use our services and we can continue to provide you with great value in the long run!

Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits to buying Instagram views cheap?

When buying Instagram views at a low price, you can begin focusing your hard earned money and time towards the more important tasks at hand; Creating quality videos for your Instagram page!

The key to developing a successful brand is being as cost-effective as possible when starting out. Anyone who has developed a successful brand will tell you that unexpected costs can arise out of nowhere. This is why getting cheaper views allows you to focus your efforts on your content.

However, a low price does not mean low-quality, getting the absolute cheapest prices from dishonest companies can cause more harm than good to your account, putting you at a risk of a shadow ban! This is why choosing to get cheap Instagram views from a reputable provider such as Superviral is crucial to your success. Superviral provides you with real views, instantly with a 30-day guarantee. So, you can buy with 100% peace of mind!

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy views on Instagram?

From the thousands of customers that have purchased from us, not a single one of our customers have been affected. Buying Instagram views is completely safe and secure since we established Superviral in 2012. It's simple to say, that it's 100% safe with us!

The main concern most Instagram users have before purchasing video views is if it will lead to a shadow ban or even worse an account suspension. We can guarantee you that you will NEVER receive either.

Always research a company's history, reviews and the number of orders they've fulfilled to get a better idea of trusting the company.

Safe to buy followers

How long does it take to deliver?

Our online checkout takes less than 2 minutes, from picking your desired package to completion!

The second payment completes, your order begins processing immediately.

From fulfilling thousands of orders since 2012, we've tailored our delivery process with over 400 algorithms. Each algorithm tailored to the type of profile you have. Ensuring your video posts receive Instagram video views instantly.

Instagram Followers delivery time

Will it affect my Instagram account?

Our online checkout takes less than 2 minutes, from picking your desired package to completion!

The second payment completes, your order begins processing immediately.

From fulfilling thousands of orders since 2012, we've tailored our delivery process with over 400 algorithms. Each algorithm tailored to the type of profile you have. Ensuring your video posts receive Instagram video views instantly.

We've made sure that it is 100% safe to buy video views for your posts since 2012. So long as you're buying from reputable companies, buying video views will never lead to any bans or determination on your IG account.

All views are from handpicked accounts which must pass through our quality-control team. We want to deliver results to you so that you continue coming back to us as a loyal customer.

While purchasing Instagram services does not put your account at risk, posting content that violates the Instagram terms of services may put your account at risk for a shadow ban, or even worse, an account suspension. This includes and is not limited to: gore, nudity, plagiarism, etc. So, post clean content that's within the guidelines and you'll be just fine!

affect Instagram account

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