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How to Easily Purchase Instagram Views

Thousands of customers have bought views from Superviral and improved their Instagram video's engagement.

How can I increase engagement by paying for views?


At Superviral, we accept all major types of card payment. Every payment is made instantly through bank-grade encryption to ensure your payments are made safely!

We do not store any card details, just a simple payment, and you're on your way to success!

How long will the views stay on my video post?


Buying IG views with Superviral are designed to stick! If your views drop, you don't have to worry as Superviral refill with instant instagram views!

All IG views provided by Superviral are compliant with the Instagram community guidelines, so you can keep them for as long as you keep your post!

Is it illegal to buy real views on Instagram?


Every single view provided by Superviral is 100% legal! The misconception that buying views is illegal is false!

All unnecessary headaches can be avoided by merely choosing Superviral, which provides 100% real Instagram followers, offered by default. With over 70,000 completed orders, you need not worry!

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Absolutely not! We at Superviral will never ask for irrelevant information such as your password. All we require is the username to a public account to deliver your Instagram views! Our followers will click the post you've provided us with and that's it!

To avoid placing your profile at risk for suspension or maybe a ban, we strongly advise you to seek services within reputable companies to buy Instagram services that have been established for as long as us. Only through experience can we provide you the high quality of followers your account deserves while also weeding out the bad ones!

Always keep wary of sketchy websites that claim to require your password. There is a strong possibility that they may have ulterior motives, such as malicious damage or hacking of your account! We will NEVER ask for your password! or any other personal information! We care about our customers and want to keep you as safe as possible!

How can you increase your video views in the United States?


There are a multitude of different ways one can increase their Instagram video views organically. Arguably the essential idea is providing content similar to your competitors, analyzing what is working for them. Search the same hashtags to locate your competitors, which will give insight into their desired audience and how their content is structured.

What truly gains a person follower is the ability to envoke emotion using their content; Whether it be laughter, entertaining, or heart-wrenching. Always experiment with different types of video posts to see what works for you and your page. When you have a new post, factors such as shares through direct messages, tagged people, and comments will push your post onto the explore feed, which is the desired goal!

Before any of this, that push from Superviral will get you much further than doing it on your own!

What is the quality of the video views?


At Superviral, we deliver all our customers with the highest quality views approved by ourselves. With our specially handcrafted team that utilizes advanced Instagram analytics, our systems can pick out the most authority and quality profiles!

These analytics include a user's follower count, amount of likes and comments, age of the account, and engagement! You can rest easy knowing your profile will receive only the most premium kind of viewers!

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As reputable providers of Instagram Views, we've served more than 75,000 American customers. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us:


Thank you James

The 5000 Instagram views are real and work wonders for your post. It really gives you that viral effect which I love!


Good views service

With the new Instagram reels, getting IG views is important and for me it's a status symbol.

Brandon Scott

Got first sale

Customer care have resolved my issue quickly! They're genuine, polite and want to help, I'm very pleased with their services.

Connor Holden

Recommended from friend

Honestly the best service I've used for Instagram growth. When you order, they start delivering within 30-minutes.

Lukas Robbins

2500 views for new vlog

I've used Superviral's many packages from time to time but as someone who makes a lot of videos, the views service has been extremely beneficial.

Bryan Hess

Happy with service

Didn't know if I should place my trust in placing an order, however, I did and they delivered more views than I ordered.

Tyler Finch
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Why you should Buy Instagram Views

If you're serious about boosting sales and increasing organic reach, then gaining Instagram followers is a crucial component of your Instagram brand.

Why Should You Buy US Instagram Views?

There exists a stark difference between buying whatever views that may come your way and buying precisely views. The critical difference is seeing what particular account posts to attract other American viewers:

  • Users posting photos/videos in front of famous American Landmarks e.g., The lincoln memorial, the white house, etc.
  • American names like Liam and Emma, which are most common in the US, tend to attract more users.
  • Real interaction with real American users

Not to mention users are more likely to interact with content surrounding the United States and American Brands.

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram Views?

When hunting for IG views, you may come across services offering stupidly low prices ($1.52 for 500 views). However, big views don't matter when a service provides fake, unreliable views.

When looking into a service to buy views on your instagram video, always be wary of certain factors: How many authentic reviews do they have? Spelling mistakes and repeating trends in usernames are common signs of fake reviews. How long have they been established? How many orders have they fulfilled? Knowing these will give you a much broader view of the company and whether you should buy video views from them.

At Superviral, we've fulfilled over 75,000 orders and have been doing this since the early days of 2012. So you need not worry! We assure you, you are receiving the best service from industry experts when you choose to buy instant real Instagram views and likes with us.

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brand owners choose Superviral?

Superviral, time and time again, has proved itself as the go-to place for Instagram services.

For a profile to be selected to be delivered to a customer, that particular profile must excel in followers, likes, comments, and reputation.

We only provide the best to our customers. We know the only way to get repeat customers is if you treat them well! Whether that’s before they first buy high quality instagram views, once they’ve purchased IG video views, or after, when they decide they want to buy real instagram views and likes with Superviral again.

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram Views at Superviral

So why choose Superviral? Well, we choose hand-selected accounts that have the greatest quality to view your videos.

With over 75,000+ customer, Superviral has been able to tailor its service through trial and error. We ensure that all of our views come from reputable gold-standard accounts based on its age.

This is why there are only a handful of services along with Superviral that care about what the customer wants. If we keep you happy, you'll keep returning to use our services and we can continue to provide you with great value in the long run!

Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits to buying Instagram views cheap?

When you decide to take the Superviral boost and buy IG views, you can focus your precious time away from monotonous tasks such as promoting your content to gain more video views. Allowing you to instead focus on creating high-quality content and expressing yourself even further with your posts!

To develop a successful page/brand, one must be cost-effective. Unexpected costs can appear out of nowhere, and it's best to stay prepared!

Sometimes when you’re too cost-effective, you end up getting results that are similar to the price paid. This is why choosing to get affordable Instagram views from a reputable provider such as Superviral is imperative. Superviral provides 100% real views, instantly with a 30-day guarantee if you are not satisfied. So feel free to buy instagram views without a worry!

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy views on Instagram?

From thousands of customers who have purchased or ordered views from us, not a single one has been negatively affected. Superviral, unlike other shady sites, offer completely legit views, which are safe and secure!

A common concern is the risk of a shadowban or suspension; we are here to tell you that you are entirely safe from this! You need not worry!

Safe to buy followers

How long does it take to deliver?

It's commonly thought that the service delivery process is painful and slow, you'd even watch paint dry due to the boredom! However, this could not be further from the truth! With our simple 3-step process of entering your details, finalizing payment and service delivery, your order starts a little 2 minutes after the payment has completed.

From over 13-years of experience within the social media industry, our service delivery has been continuously adapting to our customers' desires, designed for quick and speedy delivery! From thousands of client feedback, we continue to make improvements so that we may continue to provide the absolute highest quality of video views!

Instagram Followers delivery time

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