Buy Instagram Likes with Fast Delivery

Buy Instagram Likes with Fast Delivery

Buy affordable and real Instagram likes to increase your sales and popularity, and even go viral! As your Instagram posts receive higher engagement, users will view you as credible, dependable, and trustworthy.

Sometimes, you can’t do this all on your own. You need a boost to get the ball rolling and the likes pouring in. That’s where Superviral can help. You can buy Instagram likes and immediately see a difference in your Instagram following. It’s fast, easy, and stress-free!

  • Instant delivery
  • Rapid chance to reach Explore Page
  • Real Likes from Real Users
  • Safe and Secure since 2012
  • Optionally split likes
  • No password needed
  • 30 Days Refund Guarantee
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A high Instagram engagement rate is essential to any social media marketing strategy. Buying Instagram likes allows your Insta page to gain popularity with increased engagement.

These aren’t just any Instagram likes we offer. They’re not from bots. They’re from genuine accounts and real people. You and your posts will catapult into the limelight thanks to our three main promises:

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jacob.ansley started following you 30 sec
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  • Instant Delivery

    Once payment is complete, we’ll immediately deliver likes to your content. Watch your account become viral with real likes from real people!

  • High Quality Likes

    All likes are genuine. We offer the highest quality of Instagram likes in the market by manually choosing accounts that meet Instagram’s metrics standards for users.

  • 24/7 Customer Care

    We’re here for you! If you have questions or concerns, you can contact our New York offices 24/7. Middle of the night? That’s fine; send us a message!

How to Buy Likes on Instagram from Superviral

The process of purchasing likes is simple! Just follow these steps:

Fill out a form with your information, including your Instagram username.
Choose which package you want, including how many likes you’re purchasing.
Divide likes between posts—just choose the number of likes and which posts you want them to go to.
Pay for the service and see how quickly the likes appear on your account.

To make payments quick and easy, we accept all major credit card payments, including Apple Pay, to purchase Instagram likes. Purchasing likes takes only a minute, and you’ll quickly see the results on your Instagram page.

How do I pay for my likes?


To make payments quick and easy, we accept all major credit card payments, including Apple Pay, to purchase Instagram likes.

For your peace of mind, we ensure that all payments are processed with bank-level security. Superviral does not store any of your personal, bank, or credit card information.

How long do the Instagram likes stay on my account?


All of our likes comply with Instagram's community guidelines, so they will remain on your account unless you choose to deactivate it.

After you place your order for Instagram likes, our quality control team will closely monitor your account for the next 30 days. In the unlikely event that you lose any likes, our Superviral Auto-refill service will automatically replenish them. These likes will typically be added to your account within 1-2 hours.

Is it illegal to buy real likes on Instagram?


The IG likes that we provide are all legal. To avoid issues with Instagram, we would advise you to invest in only real and organic Instagram likes, which Superviral provides by default.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we can assure you that you're in good hands.

Can I split my likes among posts?


You can divide likes between posts. Next, choose the number of posts to which you want to add these likes, and you're done.

For instance, if you buy 100 Instagram likes and select two posts, our system will distribute them equally. Therefore, each post will receive 50 authentic likes.

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Superviral will NEVER ask for your password! We only ask that your account is set to public so that our real followers can start liking your posts immediately.

To avoid getting banned from Instagram, we recommend using a reputable IG likes provider such as Superviral. Since 2012, we have developed advanced systems to filter out low-quality likes and only offer high-quality likes from real users.

If an IG likes provider requests your password, it's highly likely that they're a scam and are attempting to hack your account. To stay protected online, only trust the most reputable websites like Superviral.

How to get more likes?


To increase your overall likes, you should create results-driven posts. It all depends on your IG analytics; take a look at the countries and age range of your page visitors. Using this data will enable you to fine-tune the content you post to match the audience reflected in your Instagram analytics.

Directly messaging your audience is also another useful way to gain extra insight. Feedback is crucial, and you can only receive it by constantly testing different types of posts.

Boost your posts with high-quality likes from Superviral. The majority of users are more likely to engage with a post that has more likes, views, shares, and so on.

What's the quality of real likes?


Here at Superviral, we take pride in offering the highest-quality likes from real people. We accomplish this by manually selecting accounts that have been tested using Instagram's metrics for users.

Furthermore, we analyze the behavior of particular accounts to determine their ranking according to our Superviral rank. This means you can rest assured that we only provide the best quality likes that will boost your posts onto the Explore feed.

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As trusted leaders in providing Instagram likes, we’ve served over 1 million American customers. We've got thousands of great reviews for our services. Check out what our customers are saying about us:


Amazing team!

As someone who's not super savvy with social media, I was hesitant to work with an Instagram agency at first. But this team made everything so easy and understandable. Amazing service! +++

Mia Rodriguez

Daily growth

"I was blown away by the results I got from this Instagram agency. They helped me go from a few hundred followers to thousands in just a few days. Will


Quick results

Quick results, just exactly what you need as the Instagram market is getting more difficult

Luc Miller

Client is happy

I received incredible quality and for the price paid of $1 I think it's really cheap.

Steven Hartman

Fast response from james

Fast response from the support team, I had an issue with my likes and now its resolved +++

George Collins

Pleased with service

This platform is really quick when it comes to delivering the likes!

Isaac Benton
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Buying Instagram Likes from Superviral

If you're serious about increasing your Instagram engagement, reach, and influence, then getting Instagram likes is a must for your growth.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

Instagram has emerged as a social media powerhouse, with small businesses and influencers tapping into its massive user base to market their products and services. With over 200 million businesses utilizing Instagram for promotion, it's no surprise that this photo-sharing app has captured the attention of countless people.

So, how do you ensure you get the most exposure? Create content that resonates with your audience and generates engagement through likes, views, follows, and shares. Increased engagement boosts your chances of landing on the Instagram Explore page, where users can discover your posts.

With the competition heating up, how do you stand out on this platform? That's where Superviral can make a difference! We deliver top-notch likes to elevate your account to levels that might be unattainable through conventional means. By buying views and increasing the number of likes on your posts, your account gains credibility, encouraging customers to trust and follow your content.

Buy Instagram Followers

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Instagram Likes from Superviral?

With a quick search, you might find websites offering 1,000 likes for just $1. These deals appear too good to be true, and most of the time, they are. Buying likes from these sites could lead to your account being deactivated.

Here at Superviral, our goal is to help our customers invest in genuine Instagram likes. You can get 50 likes for as little as $1.29, increasing in numbers and price up to 10,000 likes for $60. Regarding purchasing Instagram likes, our prices are among the most competitive for the high-quality likes we offer.

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why Do Brand Owners and Influencers Choose Superviral?

Most small businesses on Instagram in the United States share a common objective: how can we maximize our reach? With 59% of marketers intending to utilize Instagram for influencer marketing, the decision to employ social media marketing in today's world is a no-brainer.

Well-established brands and celebrity influencers leverage social media to unveil new products and engage with their customers on a personal level. It's widely recognized that news and fads spread rapidly on social media platforms, making them the top choice for businesses to promote and connect with the largest possible audience.

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram likes at Superviral

Wondering why you should pick Superviral among the sea of options out there?

At Superviral, every single Instagram like comes from a vetted and verified account, overseen by our dedicated quality control squad to guarantee that you only receive the highest quality likes.

In the words of Andrew Carnegie:

"The first one gets the oyster; the second gets the shell."

Buying Instagram Followers

What Are the Benefits of Buying Cheap Instagram Likes?

To effectively grow your Instagram presence, it's essential to invest your time and money wisely. With over 143 million Instagram users in the US, capturing a small piece of that market can be incredibly valuable for any influencer or brand.

Here at Superviral, we aim to offer our customers the chance to invest in top-quality likes. This will enhance your exposure and boost your odds of being featured on the Explore page.

Moreover, purchasing Instagram likes comes with these fantastic advantages:

  • Boosts your page's credibility and trustworthiness
  • Drives more traffic to your business's website
  • Creates a snowball effect, increasing organic likes and followers
  • 80% of Instagram users engage with businesses through the app, so you’re likely to be seen

So whether you're a business owner or an influencer, you can trust that Superviral has your back.

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it Safe to Buy Real Instagram Likes?

Buying Instagram likes can be sketchy, with tons of websites scamming users and causing influencers to get shadowbanned (when your content is restricted to only your followers—a big problem if you want to boost content engagement). Getting low-quality bots to like your account puts your account in danger of being hacked or suspended.

A good way to tell if a site is reputable is to think about what they’re requesting from you. If a site promises Instagram likes but asks for your Instagram password or private personal information, it's probably a hacker or a scam.

Superviral will never ask for your password. We only need the account name to give you the likes you pay for. We never store any of your personal bank, or credit card information.

Safe to buy followers

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Likes?

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality likes at the quickest pace possible. After you complete your purchase, we work hard to fulfill your order in as little as a few minutes or up to a couple of days.

Instagram Followers delivery time

Will Buying Likes Affect My Instagram Account?

Of course, it will! Buying Instagram likes is a smart and secure method to increase your Insta presence, as long as you get them from a trustworthy source. You’ll see increased likes on your posts which can lead to more people liking them. More likes increase the probability that content will be seen on the Instagram Explore page, where they can gain even more likes.

affect Instagram account

Increase Your Instagram Likes Now

With over a decade in the industry, we've amassed tons of data and insights to ensure our Instagram likes give your account the ultimate boost. With loads of awesome reviews, we're stoked to deliver the quickest and highest-quality likes and increase your followers!

Learn more about how Superviral can improve your Instagram exposure by checking out our blog.

Boost your Insta game with genuine likes through our tried and true method! Upgrade your Instagram account today with our real Instagram likes service from real people!

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