How To Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers

By The Superviral Team, September 26th 2019
2 minutes read

The situation:

Have you ever browsed on a brand's Instagram page and wanted to make a purchase because of how amazing the product/service?

But then! You notice how poor the engagement is. At this point, you don't want to engage with the brand's page let alone make a payment on the website.

Well, that's what the problem we want to address today and help you fix.

Unfortunately, most Instagram pages that represent a brand do not meet the bar for an on-point branded page. This results in a lot of missed opportunities for quadrupling your sales due to the number of followers you have.

The solution:

Chances are you have 1000s of buyers ready to buy from you. But they either have seen your page, not brought from you or have not discovered your page.

Today lets address these issues. Sounds exciting? Let start by explaining how to get more followers.

Instagram and your followers loves exciting posts

When you post on your Instagram page, think: what sort of post will attract the attention of your potential followers?

If your partner has never seen your page before, ask them what they think at first glance?

From our experience, we've always used the Instagram page for the Royal Family as a great example. They currently have 10 million followers.

Bursting with colours

Once you go on the page, all of the photos are bursting with colours, giving a positive image to the royals.

Use them as a great example, if you can create a page that befits the royals, from our experience your page will have that professional look and a friendly feel, knocking two birds with one stone.

What our client thought

We were explaining this to one of our clients who we've worked with for over a year, they couldn't understand why we were working so hard on the page's:

Our client asked: how does this relate to making a sale? Making a sale means displaying your contact number and email address for followers to contact you and purchase.

But we explained to our client that this is a long term process of developing a relationship between your page and the follower who in turn becomes your customer.

The reality of it all

People do not just go in a frenzy once they see your product. Your product/service is one in million. What stands out from the one in a million is how you develop a relationship between your Instagram page and the follower. That's how you quadruple your sales!

Delivering value is key in the relationship you develop between you and your followers.

Another way to deliver value to your potential followers is to describe the services/products you offer in a premium way. Give them something to be elated about!

A great example is: 

As you can see @lamborghini and @rolex who have a huge following, are both great examples of writing exceptional captions for their followers.

Get creative. Do you run a quotes page? Then stick to one colour to emphasize the colour your brand represents for your future Instagram followers to see.

Bonus examples

Are you a model using Instagram as a platform for marketing? Stick to the same vivid colours that your photos have and the same background colour.

Are you a product reviewer that specialises in reviewing new Apple Products? Then review only Apple products. So that you attract users that only have an interest in Apple products.

The point is to keep your message consistent with the branding of your page.

Use the captions to compliment, not compensate

Use captions to compliment your photos. If your photo is subpar and not exciting, then a good caption will not compensate for the subpar photo.

Remember for followers to see the caption in the first place, they need an enticing photo to see.

How many hashtags should I use?

From our experience, we've seen that overusing too many hashtags is a red flag. Keep your hashtags to 3-4 which is the sweet spot.

Excessive use of the hashtag not only takes the friendliness out of the post but also comes across as negative on Instagram's algorithm.

When we choose 4 effective hashtags that we want to target, it gains us much more coverage than let's say 10-14 according to our Instagram page analytics.

Show faces rather than just the product

We know you want to just take a photo of your product, post it on Instagram to your followers, and expect a sale. That's not how it works. Certainly not for us. 

When we create an effective post, it will always include a person wearing the product or using the product.

The study:

According to a study, 77% of users buy from user-generated photos rather than photos of just the item. Yes, that's 77%!

The study also states that adding a customer photo increases your sales by 24.3%.

When we say user-generated photos, this can be one of your customers, you, or an influencer using your product.

So not only will including user-generated photos grab more sales, but it will also grab more followers and increase your natural following.

The bottom line

From over 13 years of experience in social media, we place GREAT emphasis on quality over quantity.

If you're in a rush to gain 100,000 followers, well you're on your way to there, but just not overnight.

Brainstorm what your ideal follower looks like and their interests. Then tailor your posts around their interests.

What works and helps for us, is actually messaging your current followers and taking their valued opinion on board.

You would be surprised into what your followers think of your brand and what they want to see.