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What are the benefits of automatic Instagram likes?

Real users. Real likes.

Get real likes from Superviral's largest network of real users. We have held the largest network of users since 2012.

Fast detection

With over 10 years of delivering auto likes, our systems detect your posts within seconds of posting.

Natural likes

We'll send you around 5-10% extra likes so that your posts have a natural feel to them.

Natural views

Free views whenever you upload a video post. You'll receive the same amount of views to the same amount of likes.

Pause/cancel anytime

At Superviral, there are no contracts. So cancel anytime whenever you feel like it!

Satisfaction guarantee

By default, we provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event you're not happy with the service, we'll provide a refund, no questions asked.

What people say about automatic likes

"This server has helped our brand gain the social proof it needs to sell our bespoke watches further. Thank you, this wouldn't be possible without you!"
Edgar Fuentes, Social Media Expert
"The auto likes start delivering immediately, and it feels amazing not to worry about not getting enough likes on specific posts. Excellent service!"
Katrina Legault, Digital Marketing Manager
"Amazing service, where you can choose how many likes get delivered. This has allowed us to receive 1000s of genuine likes on each post."
Veronica Meninghin, Marketing Director



Frequently Asked Questions

When I post, when will I receive my automatic Instagram likes?


We're the only service to have scan your profile live.

So when you upload a post to your Instagram profile, our system will instantly detect your post and start delivering the likes automatically.

Can I slow down the automatic likes or spread this out?


Gradual delivery: As soon as our system detects your post new, we'll deliver the post gradually. You can change this at any time you want.

Instant delivery (default option): As soon as our system detects your new post, we'll deliver the post instantly. You can change this at any time you want.

Do I need to give you my Instagram account password?

We don't need your password at all. We understand that this is personal to you. So we only require your Instagram page name, and that's it!

Can my account stay private?


We require your account to stay public - this allows us to detect any new posts you may have uploaded.

To make the process as easy as possible, we only require your Instagram username and nothing else.

How many of my Instagram posts will receive likes?


You can post up to 4-posts per day that will receive automatic likes.

From all the influencers who use our Auto Likes service, they usually post up to only 4-posts.

Will my older posts receive automatic likes?


Our system will not recognize older posts. However, you can always use our Instagram likes page to Buy Instagram Likes page.

How do you deliver real likes?


What sets Superviral apart from the rest of the services is that we have a dedicated network of real Instagram users just like you.

These users have opted to join our established network to find pages like yours that they will be interested in.

What other companies do is use illegitimate methods to compete with Superviral. Once you've used our success-proven automatic likes, you'll never go back!

Will my account get banned, canceled, or disabled?


Absoloutely not - we're 100% safe to use and have been since 2012!

You're receiving real likes from real users from our established userbase.

Since starting our automatic likes in 2012, our customers have never had an issue with their account getting banned, cancelled or disabled.

How do I cancel my auto likes subscription?


To cancel your subscription:

  1. login to your Superviral account.
  2. Find the "Auto Likes" link on the navigation.
  3. Find your subscription under "Active automatic likes" and click "edit".
  4. At the bottom of the page, you can cancel your subscription and you won't be billed further.

How do I pause my auto likes subscription?


To pause your subscription:

  1. login to your Superviral account.
  2. Find the "Auto Likes" link on the navigation.
  3. Find your subscription under "Active automatic likes" and click "edit".
  4. After the "Missing Likes Tool" section, you should see the "Change Status" section.
  5. At the Change Status section, you can pause your automatic likes by clicking on the big button.

Please note, while your subscription's paused, you will continue to have your subscription renewed every month. So if you would like to cancel your renewal, please, cancel your subscription.

What is your refund policy for the subscription?


In the unlikely event you haven't enjoyed your automatic likes, just contact us and we'll issue a refund without any questions asked.