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Over 500 million Instagram accounts use the Stories feature every day. That’s a lot of content to get through, and sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough! Superviral’s free tool lets you download Instagram Stories instantly, so you can watch them again whenever you like.

Completely Free
Superviral’s Instagram Story downloader is free to use – no login required. Simply paste the IG username whose Story you’d like to save and hit download!
No Annoying Ads
Unlike other Instagram Story downloaders, we won’t make you create an account, log in, or watch ads before downloading.
Instant Delivery
Our Instagram Story downloader is one of the fastest out there, allowing you to download Instagram Stories in an instant.
Safe, Secure, and Anonymous.
With Superviral, you can download Instagram Stories anonymously, without alerting the original poster. We don’t collect data or share your information, either, that’s why we’re trusted by over 2 million users.
Download IG Stories to Any Device
You can use Superviral’s IG Story downloader on iPhone, Android, and desktop, so long as you have internet connection. Simply enter the Instagram username whose Story you want to save and hit download to get started.
24/7 Support
Have an issue or question about our Instagram Story downloader? We offer 24/7 support – just email us at

Why Download Instagram Stories?

While Instagram feed posts can be viewed until they’re deleted or archived, Stories disappear after just 24 hours. But with Superviral’s Instagram Story downloader, you can save them to watch again whenever you like!

Download Now, Watch Later

Don’t have time to watch your favourite creator’s 30-slide Story? Or perhaps they’ve shared some super valuable information you want to keep for later? Use our Instagram Story downloader to watch again later!

Original Quality Without Watermarks

Superviral’s Instagram Story downloader doesn’t compress videos or add annoying watermarks. Save and rewatch Stories in 4k or 1080p – exactly as they were posted.

Share Stories With Offline Friends

Only 6 in 10 online adults have Instagram accounts, and even fewer take the time to watch Stories every day. But now you can download Instagram Stories and share them with your offline friends and family, so they don’t miss a thing!

Create A Collection

See a Story that you want to recreate? Or has your favourite creator shared a valuable tip? Download the Story to watch it again, whenever and wherever you like.

Why Use Superviral’s Instagram Story Downloader?

We get it. There’s a lot of Instagram Story downloaders to choose from. But here’s why you should choose Superviral:

  • Instant downloads without ads
  • Our service is completely free of charge
  • No video compression – save IG Stories in original quality
  • Over 2 million users
  • No Superviral account required
  • No Instagram account required
  • No browser extension required
  • Anonymous Story downloads
  • We don’t collect data or share personal information
  • No download cap – save unlimited Stories

How To Use Our Free Instagram Story Downloader

Using Superviral’s free IG Story downloader is as easy as 1-2-3!

Copy the Instagram username
Paste the username into our downloader tool
Hit ‘download’ to save their Story

Is It Legal To Download Instagram Stories?

Yes, it’s legal to download Instagram Stories, so long as you keep the videos private for personal use. That means you shouldn’t repost them, claim them as your own, or use the content commercially – all of which would violate UK copyright laws. We trust our users to respect the original creators with the Stories they download.


Why Can’t You Download Stories Straight From Instagram?

There are a couple of reasons why Instagram doesn’t give you the option to download Stories, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t legal.

Server Overload

A big reason why Stories disappear after 24 hours is to help clear some space on Instagram’s servers. If they added a download feature, it would place a huge amount of strain on these servers and incur higher costs. Luckily for you though, Superviral’s IG Story downloader allows you to download Stories easily (and for free)!

Risk for Creators

Instagram does not own the rights to the content posted on the platform – those still belong to the creator. However, if Instagram were to give users the option to download Stories, and some people used the content irresponsibly, this could result in tricky (and expensive) legal issues for the company. Instagram avoids this possibility altogether by not offering downloads.


Download Instagram Stories Responsibly

Downloading Instagram Stories is perfectly legal, so long as the content is not used for anything other than private viewing. You should always respect the original creator when downloading their content – that means not reposting or claiming the content as your own, or using it commercially without permission. We trust our 2 million users to be responsible and respectful to other creators – doing so helps us stay up and running!


Start Downloading Instagram Stories Today

Use Superviral’s free Instagram Story downloader to start saving Stories for unlimited offline access!



Have A Question About Our Instagram Story Downloader? Read Our FAQs Below!

Got questions about downloading Instagram stories? You're not alone. We’ve rounded up your top queries about our Instagram stories downloader and dished out the answers.

Can I use this tool to download Instagram videos?
This tool is made for downloading Instagram Stories. If you want to save reels or IGTV videos, you can use our free Instagram video downloader instead.
Can I download Stories from private accounts?
No, this tool can only be used to download the Stories of public accounts. Stories by private accounts can no be downloaded by Superviral or any other tool.
Can I download ‘close friends’ Stories?
No, ‘close friends’ Stories are only viewable and therefore accessible by certain accounts the original creator has selected. This essentially makes them private to other accounts and third-party tools like Superviral.
How do I save an Instagram Story?
While you can’t download Stories on Instagram, you can use our free tool to save them instead. Simply paste the username whose Story you’d like to download in our tool above, then hit ‘download’ to save it!
Can I use Superviral’s Instagram Story downloader on any device?
Yes. Our free Instagram Story downloader can be used on iPhone, Android, and desktop. All you need is internet connection and enough storage on your device to save the content.
Who can I contact if I experience issues?
Our friendly support team is on hand to help 24/7. You can email us at with your issue and someone will be in touch to help.
Is there a limit to how many Instagram Stories I can download?
No, you can download as many Instagram Stories as you like using our tool – and it’s always completely free.
Is it safe to download Instagram Stories?
We are committed to user safety and security. That’s why over 2 million users trust Superviral to download Instagram Stories. We don’t share your information, collect data, or show you any ads. You also don’t have to log into Instagram or create an account with us to get started.
Do I need an Instagram account to use Superviral?
Nope. You don’t need an Instagram account to use our IG Story downloader, and you don’t have to create a Superviral account either! Just paste the username whose Story you’d like to download into our tool and hit ‘download’ to save it to your device.
What other services does Superviral offer?
Superviral is the go-to resource hub for social media creators and consumers. Aside from our free Instagram Story downloader tool, our users can buy Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments. We also offer tools to download Instagram videos, view profile pictures, and count followers.
Can I download Instagram DM videos?
No. Instagram DM videos are totally private, so no tool can be used to download these. Superviral lets you save Instagram Stories the legal way, and can only be used to download public content.
Will people be able to see if I’ve downloaded their Story?
Nope. Superviral’s Instagram Story downloader is completely anonymous. There’s no way for the original creator to find out if their Story has been downloaded.

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