About Us

Who we are and our vision
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Our story

After getting three different accounts banned on Instagram due to poor-quality followers due to other services. Superviral was founded in 2012 with a set goal: to provide high-quality, manually-approved, real services.

Our founder, a long-time expert within the social media industry, decided that to build a reputable service to sell social media services, you had to give users the services they were after; HIGH-QUALITY followers, which keeps your account safe and no NEED for one's password and risk-free

All accounts we provide on Instagram are handpicked to push your account in the explore feed and beyond, which was the intention right from the beginning! We want you to succeed at Superviral; we don't just want a quick buck out of you, but long-term social media success./p>

Almost all of our daily operations go into maintaining the quality of the services we provide and providing only the best customer support! This is why we have our 100% satisfaction guaranteed in place.

When we are not working on Superviral, we find ourselves at the drawing board, conjuring up new ideas so that you can keep growing while we do all the hard work.

Our focus

Every day at Superviral headquarters we have 3 focuses:

• First is to ensure we provide only the highest-quality of followers for low, affordable prices. With our automated system which scans a user's account metrics, such as engagement, to accurately deliver the correct followers to your account, which match bes according to your content! Each follower, based on the statistics of your account, are ranked with their Superviral score out of 100, we provide you with followers with the highest Superviral score ranging from 95-100!

• Our second goal is to improve the experience to order; we continually strive to make our service more seamless each time. With our simple, secure 3-step process, manned continuously by our security team, without the need for any personal information, you can rest easy knowing your data is being handled with care!

• Our third goal is to ensure all services provided by us are inline with Instagram's policies so that you can buy with confidence without any risk. Quite a few alternative services, unfortunately, do put your account at risk of getting banned due to fake Instagram followers. By providing, high quality, real followers, which are approved beforehand, you can buy with absolute confidence! We want to see you succeed, and you no longer need millions to get your IG page popular the way celebrities do.